On the Road to Grand Lake, Colorado.


Luckily being a 100% disabled Veteran allows me the time and financial stability to travel and travel often.  I kind of look at it as I put EVERYTHING I could possible put on the line for so many years and literally never took a day off, no sick days in war, so now I am going to fill my soul with beautiful places to help counteract all the ugly that I still am living with and dealing with today.

As far as this kind of decent photo I shot, I cannot drive due to my injuries so I get to ride shotgun and document the trip, so while my wife is tearing down an interstate somewhere between Texas and Colorado I shot this through the wind shield.  The RAW image showed a little more highway which was distracting and well ugly so what I couldnt crop I underexposed with the brush in Lightroom.  I am really digging this technique; let me explain, I use a large feathered brush dial down around 1.5 and 2 stops and paint the entire image, then while holding down CTL or command on mac I unpaint what I want.  I think it can offer some pretty dramatic results and I like being able to control exactly where I want the viewer to look.  I did just that with the boring but necessary bottom 1/3 of the frame, and as for the sky I really didnt do much just pulled down the highlights and a little vignette.  

Hopefully I will get to shoot a few pictures while I am in Colorado, okay I lied I will probably shoot at least 100/day minimum.  I will blog along as I go and share my experiences of the vast backwoods of Colorado, we rented a cabin for a week so literally backwoods. 


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